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A: It's a simple XOR shift that swaps each of the bytes of the binary numbers. This can be done by concatenating the numbers from the source file into a string that contains only the characters 0 and 1, and then repeatedly applying the following XOR command: var inputString = "1111110000000000000000000000000000000000000000"; var xorEncoding = inputString.GetBytes(); for (var i = 0; i Q: Getting a handle on a Programmatically Changing UI Component, and vice versa In my MainWindow.xaml, i have a background image that i'd like to change when a new user logs on to the application. I've got a custom UserControl that handles the relevant events in the login form, and sets a property on the main window based on the result of the login. My question is, what do i do about the main window image? In the code above, the main window changes, but the xaml only shows the default image. I'd like to programmatically change the background image when the user logs in (the property from the login form was just set), and have the xaml reflect this. The main window uses the custom user control as a "shell" to display and allow interaction with various components. These components are loaded into the MainWindow.xaml from a separate resource dictionary that I load with the window. The user control loads a user control that contains the various components in the loaded xaml, which i'd like to be able to dynamically change. If i can figure out how to programmatically change the image, then i can just use a simple Binding to the image in the main window, and it'll be changing. But what i'm not sure is how to get a handle on the Image in the User Control, so i can set it in the MainWindow. Any ideas? A: If you're going to do this with code, you'll need a way to get hold of the Image. Use the FindName method of the Window to find the control. Once you have it, you can change it using any

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